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"Light, colors, shapes, brushstrokes, composition, visual balance, contrast, and beauty, are all elements of my most personal language, through which I can express my deepest feelings. I am inspired by the differences in cultures, places, people, and music. The more I paint the closer I come to who I am. The art I create is focused on the process, rather than the finished result."  ~ Vesna

Vesna Delevska is an artist originally from Skopje, Macedonia, currently residing in St.Louis, MO. USA

Influenced by beautiful iconography, frescoes, and mosaics found in Macedonian monasteries and churches centuries old, Vesna blends unique styles of realism and abstract painting in her art work. 
Vesna expresses her creativity through painting performances, murals and custom paintings.

Vesna Delevska - Artist USA-Macedonia

Vesna's Art Around The World

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