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Vesna Art Gallery at "The Rose Barrel"

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Vesna Delevska collaborates with long time friend Cory Buckley at his new restaurant "The Rose Barrel" in Ballwin Missouri.

Pictured: Cory Buckley and Vesna Delevska in front of "Colors at Night" at the Rose Barrel.

In 2014 Cory commissioned Vesna to create a panoramic piece depicting Bush Stadium with Molina in the batter's box. This painting is displayed in the main entry near the bar at "The Rose Barrel"

Nine of Vesna's other original works are on display in the main dining area.

To purchase these original paintings visit our Shop:

Deep In Light - "Deep In Light | Vesna Art Gallery"

Radiance - "Radiance" | Vesna Art Gallery

Light Wave - "Light Wave" | Vesna Art Gallery

Colors At Night - "Colors at Night" | Vesna Art Gallery

Creating Itself - "Creating Itself" | Vesna Art Gallery

Invincible - "Invincible" | Vesna Art Gallery

Blue Space - "Blue Space" | Vesna Art Gallery

Seeds Of Imagination - "Seeds of Imagination" | Vesna Art Gallery

Behind The Mountains - "Behind the Mountains" | Vesna Art Gallery

For more information contact us:

Vesna Art Gallery

140 Chesterfield Mall,

Chesterfield, MO 63017

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